IMG_02112018 TPWA TOP GUN Summer League Series Rules

Times – 6-9pm for all nights with exception of 6-8:45pm on the last scheduled night of August 15th and on the makeup date if needed. Shotgun start is at 6pm.

Four fish limit with minimum length of 15” for all bodies of water.

PHOTOS: Either can be taken by a smart phone (recommended) or camera supported by SD card. When turning in the bump board and score card, a team member will show the judge their top 4 fish. All pictures must be shown with provided bump board and must show the nightly marking .If not, those fish will not be scored.

COST: $20/per team/boat per league night – 100% towards total length. For season point’s championship, if entering there is an additional onetime fee of $50.00 per team which needs to be paid in full prior to start of 2nd league night on May 23rd. (100% of this will be paid out to the top point’s teams at the end of the season during the September club meeting)

Big Fish: NEW for 2018 is that big fish will now be a $5.00 side pot per team. Also a 5 point bonus will be awarded for team that scored the big fish.

Payment: Cash only prior to launch. Once paid – boards and score cards will be given out.

Teams: If a team is going to sign up for the TOP GUN points championship they will need be TPWA Members ($20 annual cost). Two Person Teams scored - More than two people can be in the boat but only two lines per boat on inland waters and 4 lines per boat on the St. Louis River.

* A sub for a team competing in the points race can be utilized on one time basis without having to pay the TPWA membership fee

PAYOUT: 100% payout will be cash nightly. For total length, only first place will be paid if less than ten teams are present.If ten or more teams present, then the top 3 places will be paid. will be paid to the team. Tie breakers will be made according to TPWA Rules.

Scoring / Recording: Scoring will be done on index cards. These will be provided at the launch with the measuring board and SD card (if needed)

Points system for championship:

200 Points awarded to first place (total length)

5 point intervals between finishing places:example 200 for first, 195 for 2nd, 190 for third...

5 point bonus for scoring a limit of 4 legal walleyes (per event)

5 point bonus for scoring longest walleye of event

100 points awarded if no fish are scored for that night, for participation

8 of the 11 events will be scored: so the lowest 3 point’s nights will be thrown out if a team fishes all 11 nights. (If a team only fishes 8 nights, then all nights are scored)

****Special cases scenarios:

*In the event that no legal walleyes are caught, the pot will carry over to the next event. Those fish will then be scored twice – once for the teams that fished the blank event & then for the teams who are fishing the current one.

*In the event that no fish are caught on the final week, then that pot will be paid to the top three qualifying teams in the league standings.

*If only one or two teams catch legal fish and ten or more teams are present, then the entire winnings that night will be paid to them.

******WEATHER: Cancelation will be left to the discretion of the league committee.If there is a severe weather threat that the committee sees that will impact the league event significantly the call will be made to end the night.If the call is made before 7:30pm (halfway) the night will totally cancel out and roll over to the make-up day. If the call is made after 7:30 the fish that are caught will be scored and points will be allocated.If a team is uncomfortable with the weather conditions they are allowed to head to shore and take shelter.

****MAKE-UP DAY:If an event night is cancelled due to weather before the event start or prior to 7:30, the make-up date will be utilized at the body of water of the cancellation

League Committee:

  1. Brandyn Kachinske 218-340-2790,
  2. Dave Nelson 218-391-6874
  3. Troy Skorich - 218-348-2410
  4. Josh Berg - 218-591-4429
  5. Kyle Berg - 218-269-0628